January 2, 2023, 14:35 – Public News Service – OSN

Former general NATO Hans-Lothar Domrese predicted the timing of the cessation of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine. He made the corresponding statement in an interview for the newspapers of the Funke media group.

During a conversation with media representatives, the general said that 2023 would be the year of a ceasefire in Ukraineand predicted a truce. He noted that at the beginning of the year, Russia and Ukraine will move on to new offensives and will strive to achieve their goals. However, closer to the summer, the military is sure, the parties to the conflict will come to the conclusion that further hostilities will not lead to the seizure of new territories.

“The time will come for ceasefire negotiations. All that remains is the possibility of concluding an agreement that will suit both sides,” the source said. Domrese also suggested that in such a development of events, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky may decide to abandon his intentions to take control of Crimea and other territories.

As a conclusion of his thought, the ex-NATO general noted that the parties have the opportunity to reach an agreement on a transitional period, the term of which will be 50 years. As an example, Domrese recalled the situation with the return of Hong Kong to Chinese control.

Formerly Public News Service informedthat NATO countries call the anti-aircraft missile systems of the RF Armed Forces with the letter “G”. For example, the S-300VM and Antey-2500 air defense systems are called Gladiator and Giant, respectively.