The renowned company Japanese watches and electronics, Casio, I would be thinking of taking legal action against the most recent song by the Colombian singer Shakira, since in his collaboration with the Argentine producer Bizaraps, there is a part of the lyrics where he denigrates the popular company and compares it to the luxury Swiss watch brand Rolex.

The topic ‘Bzrp Music Sessions vol 54’ of Shakira, is going around the world thanks to the hard darts that she has thrown at her ex-husband, the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique, and the woman they changed her for, the young Catalan Clara Chia Marti.

the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’, He used several references to denigrate the woman for whom they changed her, he also did it to attack the former player of the Barcelona Fc. All this has generated endless comments on social networks, where some applaud the artist’s initiative, while others criticize the fact that she is still attacking her ex-partner and Clara Chia, who actually has nothing to do with it. what’s happening.

in one of the refrains that Shakira sings, there was a sentence that drew a lot of attention, where he compared the Casio brand of watches and appliances with the luxury brand of Rolex watches.

“You traded a Rolex for a Casio,” says the singer.

That phrase has generated all kinds of reactions, reaching the hands of some Casio workers, who could initiate a lawsuit against the company. colombian for defamation, image damage and denigration.

If we analyze the situation carefully, the prestigious Japanese company She is completely humiliated by the comparison that Shakira made, so the legal option would be quite likely.

The truth of the case is that the comparison was quite controversial and commented on by Internet users, who have used all these darts to further attack Piqué.