nr tycoon is basically a mumbling building business. What if a cold-blooded muffin goes into business? I’m addicted to anything, even a joke like that. But you won’t see cocoa beans growing on Cesar Garcetti’s plant. His shelves are full of only the highest quality drugs.

New kpo to the island

Cartel Tycoon is loosely inspired by the events of the eighties. There was a big drug boom in Latin America. Cartels have taken the US market by storm. Many businessmen drank to the name of the dream at the cost of many lives. The same goes for the game itself, which offers you the game modes of campaign, sandbox and survival. In these character campaigns, you will build a drug empire on a corrupt island.

The first campaign event is just a tutorial. The game is quite complicated, even if you know Transport Tycoon and similar, the tutorial is a must. Although Cartel Tycoon drew from the rich well of ideas of its predecessors, it did a lot differently. Mastering a basic industrial router would be laborious without a tutorial. It takes practice to orientate yourself in all aspects of the game. The type of camp u is about late night. You are severely limited in the number of chapters and mountain positions, and this test will test your ability to drive in vc.

You’ll finish the campaign in a solid 10 to 15 hours, and you’ll unlock a new residence when you’re done. If you prefer to play without a goal, the sandbox offers hundreds of hours of fun, where you can fully customize it according to your preferences. You choose the next kpa, the place on the island where you want to go and the game conditions. Survival is only for those who are looking for maximum excitement, the goal is to five as long as possible in adverse conditions.

Cartel Tycoon is unique, not only because of its setting. From the darkness of illegal trade, whatever you can. Klov is a building of production buildings (farms, plants, factories), warehouses and transport companies that develop materials or finished products for other buildings. The center is a residence that preserves the surrounding buildings. There are several types of farms and plants. Durga, opium, coca, each requires another pdu.

Cartel Tycoon

Cartel Tycoon

my dear drug, that’s a complex industrial etch. With opium, there is only a farm, warehouse and transport to the farm, flight or border crossing. Duration requires extra care. In the case of synthetic substances, there is also a large number of chemical factories and laboratories. The demand for goods is growing, flexibility is in order. In addition to non-laying farms, laying farms are also available. They act as a decoy and a disguise.

The Maffin Hierarchy

There are several interesting novelties that improve the gameplay. One such system is the company lieutenants system. The gang has its own hierarchy. At the very top of the pyramid is your character kpo, a capital f. Below him and thorn gangster chains secret to power. Each lieutenant is unique, with their own set of active and passive skills unlocked over time with experience. Lieutenants can carry out special orders, help with the transport of goods, protect real estate or toit.

The Maffin family cannot swell indefinitely. Positions have a limited number of seats. Whom to welcome and whom to leave at his level is a dilemma. If you don’t tell someone, you run the risk that they will go down your throat. But that happens even when you spoil your gangster brothers and sisters. The world of muffins is ruthless. the life of a kpa is not the life of a cartel. If kpo fails, you can invite someone competent from the gang and continue the link. Relationships can also be strengthened by fulfilling the demands of individual gangsters. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with loyalty, and if you fail, the door will be destroyed in your command, or some other punishment.

Cartel Tycoon

Some gangsters require peace of terror in the streets for their comfort. If it’s too quiet, get bored and wash away the nonsense. Go out and make a fist on your own and be the first to do it. Disciplinary punishment with a bullet between the eyes is different, but you can lose a valuable gangster. The system is developed really in depth. The only thing the cars could have developed were the fights. It’s only about the petahovana, whoever won the ton in my round, won.

Loyalty and terror

Diplomacy is not only an internal affair, you also build relationships with competing gangs or famous personalities. The island is divided into several zones. Each zone has one city and points. Everyone on the island is corrupt. And it’s an international flight, a freedom fighter or a mayor. Everyone is ready to open their mouth wide and help flood the world with drugs. If they get something out of it, of course.

You gain control of the region by defeating the local gang and fulfilling the mayor’s demands. Sometimes the motivation is certainly selfish, other times the economic and cultural upliftment of the given region is after you. Although your business is not the pinnacle of virtue, you give people work and give the poor an island of pensions. The mayors are at home at that time. There are always a few requirements, they don’t change. There are also interviews with mayors. Both in the campaign and sandbox. I’m sure randomization would work. Conversations perfectly build the atmosphere, don’t use gangster slang, but when you have the same conversation over and over again, you would miss the opportunity to skip to the end with one click.

Cartel Tycoon

Cartel Tycoon

wheels are nron sp na as, not na hrsk um. When the evening meets the requirements, the mayor can not only take away from the city complete freedom in the construction of whatever you want in the city and its surroundings, but the order will also help cover illegal operations: suspend construction, reduce terror or buy back confiscated property. They are the most powerful helpers and the most important thing you have under your thumb is trying to escape the law.

Danger threatens you from all sides, the law grinds its teeth on you, the enemy gangs and your own people. As a mafia boss, you balance the scales of loyalty and terror, the two most important indicators in the game. Loyalty knows how the common people feel about you. Terror represents the law. If your loyalty drops to zero, the people will take justice into their own hands and execute you. When the terror rises to the maximum, special forces will cover you. Clem Cartel Tycoon is balanced. Maintain terror as much as possible and loyalty as much as possible.

Terror grows with each illegal operation, and its growth has risen to the level of crime. Even a small amount of goods in warehouses or a safe with petty cash can cause problems. You can take out a full treasury with money in your own cities. In metropolises, you can build buildings that wash away secs for a given amount of time. All you have to do is enter one of the residences on the way to the given company and the pennies will take care of the rest. A bed pension opens up a lot of possibilities for you. You use them to finance social events increasing loyalty, research into new technologies, building upgrades and salaries. The game motivates you in a free way to make the whole company more efficient and to keep your illegal operations as far away from the prying eyes of the police as possible.

Even if my social media influencers claim otherwise, hitting the police as little as possible is the healthiest thing for business. Terror has several equals. The first is a police raid on one of your properties, the second is the opening of a road blockade, a city blockade, the deployment of the army, and so it continues with repression, which is felt by the entire cartel.

Cartel Tycoon

The way to effectively kill terror is to ask the mayor for help, who manipulates the public, which is terror, as well as the reputation of loyalty. Here, buy back some event for the public. It’s a monotonous cycle, where every time you do something wrong, you’ll have to worry about the pros and cons. You can slow down the expansion of terror a little with the help of bed businesses. Provide cover. Drugs hidden in avocados, boxes, or small cans should have a better chance of getting across the border undetected. But if a wolf gang breaks out, terror will skyrocket.

Excursion to the tropical region

The game is fun, even the modern graphics evoke the classics with their visuals. It also has a modern UI that is clear and simple. The only thing it lacks is better event notifications. The game is accompanied by Latin American music. Even if you don’t like it, it fits perfectly into the game.

Cartel Tycoon

Cartel Tycoon

I encountered a yellow bug in Cartel Tycoon. When starting a new game, some game mechanics may not be activated. You’ll have to drop out of the character leveling system, or the level of terror will rise, even when you’re hiding in canned goods. The errors are quite chaotic and make the game so difficult that it is unplayable. This is an easy one, start playing the game again and check if it works as it should. This is to warn you that the game has a version 1.0 sticker, but it is not finished. For secondary characters, in the middle of their quest, the inscription coming soon. Autoi is still working on it and promises to fine-tune and release the game in the future.

Tycoon not only for drug lovers

I haven’t played a tycoon this challenging in a long time. You keep looking at so many things, it’s amazing that your head doesn’t spin. It’s even sweeter when you control the whole island with your drug cartel. Cartel Tycoon can be a tough bite to eat. Danger is lurking outside and outside, and the game brings a lot of new options to deal with the women of society. A must for aspiring tycoons. I would talk to a couple. The game will reach its full potential, and it will be really complete and fine-tuned. However, some things are just for decoration and don’t have much meaning.