In Nizhny Tagil in the near future will not increase fares in city minibuses and buses. This is due to the fact that carriers require an individual tariff from the Regional Energy Commission (REC). They are not satisfied with the recently established price of 22 rubles for the cities of the Sverdlovsk region.

Before the May holidays, the REC issued a decree that allows carriers in the Sverdlovsk region to increase the maximum cost of a single trip in public transport to 22 rubles. The document comes into force on May 14, and therefore some city media reported that the tariff would be increased by 1 ruble soon.

Vyacheslav Goryachkin, First Vice Mayor of Nizhny Tagil, explained to Vse Novosti news agency that commercial carriers are not satisfied with such a cost, and they turned to the REC to agree on an individual tariff.

“In Nizhny Tagil, an individual tariff is planned, as, for example, in Yekaterinburg (from 20 to 32 rubles, depending on the category of passenger and benefits – approx. VN). Our carriers reported to the REC, submitted documents so that a one-time trip in the city cost more than 22 rubles, ”he said, without specifying what specific figure he was talking about, however, earlier transport companies declared about the need to increase the fare to 24 rubles.

The REC may not agree on an individual tariff, Goryachkin added, if he considers the carriers’ demands to be economically unjustified. Then in Nizhny Tagil a single ticket will really cost 22 rubles. In addition, the procedure for approval and verification of documents is very lengthy and takes more than one month.

Tagil residents themselves are ambivalent about a possible increase: some are categorically against it, while others are ready to pay more if the quality of transport services improves.

“I am ready to pay 50 rubles for the fare. If only this urban transport collapse would stop,” says reader Igor.

“If you raise prices, be so kind as to release normal minibuses on the line! Ride scary! Sometimes such a bucket comes, ”Tagil resident Tamara is indignant.

“Why blame everything on poor passengers? Have the people’s salaries been raised sharply or will the quality of the service be provided at the European level? Carry people like human beings, not like cattle!” Tatyana wonders.

The work of public transport in Nizhny Tagil has been one of the most pressing problems for many years. Minibuses are especially often criticized by citizens for dirty interiors, faulty cars, long waiting times and an unstable running schedule. The flow of complaints even reached the Sverdlovsk governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev. Often lately accidents happen due to the unsatisfactory technical condition of minibuses and buses.

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