He prince harry he will not receive the apology he demands from his father and his brother to be able to attend the coronation of Charles III next May 6. According to sources close to the British royal family, the King Charles III and the Prince of Wales they are unwilling to accommodate the Duke of Sussex’s demands after his recent attacks on the British monarchy.

The relationship between Carlos, William and Prince Harry has been deteriorating over time, and now it is at its worst. Coronation invitations will be sent out in two weeks and the number of invitation cards has been significantly reduced. Even though that him prince harry If you have an “open” invitation to all family events, you may not be well regarded if you attend the coronation due to the statements you have made against your brother and father.

Although King Charles is willing to talk to his son, the attitude of the prince william it is completely opposite. It is unlikely that Harry will attend his father’s coronation without an apology from the royal family, but some media outlets have rumored that there is still a chance that Harry will travel to London alone, as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in talks. with the royal family to be able to be present at the ceremony.

Do you think the family should apologize to Harry and Meghan Markle?