If you delve a little into the history of travel across continents, you will find that the cars that have traveled such routes have actually been quite cracked. They also cost a few crowns, so there was more money left for the trip. And most importantly, you didn’t have to build air locks and wait for it. One day you bought, the next you could go.

Examples drag

Sigismund and Hanzelka drove through Africa in a serial rear-wheel drive (read more here). And already in 1931 the sculptor Václav Foit with the Tatra 12 (read more here) to travel to Cape Town ten years later again with his wife in small Hadimrška. In 2008, boys from Olomouc in Julinka, an old Škoda 1000 MB (more info).

In 2014–2016, Láďa and Katka Bezděk toured the globe as part of their Big Trip in the Škoda Octavia series (read here). And in 2017, two boys with a forty-year-old also took the planet around fifteen thousand. That it is not a problem to drive Mongolia and South America through the old aviation or wherever the boys from the party got with the slugs Lada svetomneedless to mention, like Dan Přibán’s “yellow circus”, which set out on its first journeys with the same message: Don’t make excuses, and go (read more here). We would find hundreds, maybe thousands of similar examples.

Caravan with guide

If you gravitate towards classic housewives, google the name Konstantin Abert. In Germany, he is a travel legend organizing guided tours for financially secure seniors with a lot of free time, who can go anywhere in the world in their own motorhomes. Of course, no special adjustments or offroads are needed.

The ideal car for travel

Old diesel Mercedes with immortal engines, Toyota, former fire trucks or ambulances – for real travelers you will often find simple cars that are decades old. All-wheel drive is far from a necessity. The basis is the simplest possible technology, an engine capable of handling worse fuel and also the availability of spare parts worldwide. Even though you can have a package with the necessary parts sent from home today, even for the most remote petrol station. There are many skilled garages in remote countries and most of the problems can be solved along the way. Still, be prepared to sacrifice your car at worst.

The well-known idea that with a proper car you can get where others do not, is only valid to a limited extent. On the way around the world, you are especially careful not to drown your tuned expedition car in the mud, to steal it from you or to break it. In Africa, you will definitely take a few photos on the dunes, but you will quickly get over the crap.

So if you are not one of the handful of chosen people who really know what they are doing and have the experience and equipment to get out of the mess, or they are reconciled to leaving the expensive car in place or ending the journey. But casual travelers are not set up that way. At the same time, the larger and heavier the car, the more expensive the travel costs, the more demanding the rescue and the more complex the service in remote places.

Expected chance

Building your own expedition special and going somewhere far with it is a dream of many travelers-oriented men, and I would not be an exception. Quite often, however, it ends in many wasted years. And when the car can still be completed, the culmination of travel efforts is one trip to the Romanian mountains. So, if it draws you into the world, don’t make excuses and don’t expect better gear. Take what you have and go. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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