January 4, 2023, 18:23 – Public News Service – OSN

The head of Andrey Kondrashov’s Laboratory, which specializes in anti-theft protection, Andrey Kondrashov spoke about a popular method of car theft in the winter season. It is reported by Gazeta.ru.

Andrei Kondrashov said that attackers often steal cars with alarms that are subject to electronic hacking. He clarified that the theft of the car is carried out when it is standing in the yard while the engine is warming up.

The expert said that in such cases, as a rule, the car owner starts the engine, closes the door and begins to clear the snow from his vehicle. At the time of removing the car from the alarm intruders, located nearby within a radius of 50 meters, intercept the signaling code. Having received the code, the scammers remotely close the car.

After these manipulations, the owner of the car goes for a second key home to open the vehicle, and at the same time, the criminals commit theft.

The specialist urged not to leave the car unattended in case of a sudden closing of the doors

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