December 18, 2022, 09:02 – Public News Service – OSN

War correspondent Alexander Sladkov, now working in the zone military special operation, was able to talk with a captured artilleryman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) Averyanov. He shared his story on his Telegram channel.

An artilleryman named Averyanov turned out to be one of the enemy fighters who had been shelling residential areas of Donetsk all these days. According to him, the shelling was carried out as a completely ordinary job, without any remorse for the deaths of innocent civilians.

“We went to positions, got coordinates, fired…,” he told the mechanism of action in a conversation with Sladkov.

Every day, his gun fired from four to twelve shells into Donetsk, many of them killing civilians. However, this is exactly what the captured soldier APU thought the least. According to him, there is not a single one in his unit who doubts whether or not to fire on residential areas of Donbass. The officers give the order to shoot, and the military without any hesitation obeys these orders.

As previously reported by the Public News Service, the commander of the volunteer formation International Brigade “Pyatnashka” Akhra Avidzba spoke about plans to “go to treat the brain” abroad of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR). His words implied that he and his military intended to continue to move beyond the DPR border in confrontation with the enemy.