Defending silver medalist from last year, Fuksa took the lead in the third quarter of the race and at the break after 750 meters he was narrowly ahead of the Italian, who has two world medals in the shot put. But the canoeist from the Apennine Peninsula had a stronger finish.

I probably underestimated the truck, because I was leading and the Italian was behind, so I allowed myself a truck. But the Italian started again. I already had permission, so I also tried to start, but he had the inertia faster, described the twenty-nine-year-old Fuksa in a bag for the media.

At the ampiont in Halifax, Canada, expect him in two semi-finals, in which he will fight for a place in the weekend finals. Mon here for my only lp. Maybe I’ll go here, that’s when I’ll get into it. I will hope that the ride will get better and better for me, even the favorite tried to look for positives. In the kilometer, he competed with Olympic champion Isaquias Queiroz in the semi-finals, but he was not able to compete with the Romanian Catalina Chirila in his race.

Kukaka and Vorlo advanced to the new non-Olympic distance of 1,000 meters from this city in their debut, they did not just stop at Maars and Poles. They reached the finals as the first Czech team on this ampiont. They will drive him on Sunday.

Kayaker Aneka Paloudov was one kilometer and no more than a second behind the progress of the trio. Antonn Hrabal and Ji Zalubil, the double-doubles, had a similar result at the same distance, who were only a few seconds behind the Finns in the fourth place. Kayaker Elika Betlachov, who was fifth in the race, and kayaker Martin Sobek, who took sixth place in the first race alone, will compete in the 200-meter semifinals.

In the next part of the program, Jakub Picar, Daniel Havel and Kateina Zrubov, Elika Betlachov will lead the Czech representatives in the 500 meter kayak race.