Mariupol has been entirely captured by the Russian army, according to the latest reports from international media. As a result, previous reports of a “large fish” in the city have been validated. That is to say, there are “big fish” in this area, and there are several of them. According to reports, the Russian troops had previously seized it alive, along with a squad of Ukrainian fighters. Many regular NATO troops were discovered among these individuals. And there is sufficient evidence that NATO is already intervening actively in the Russian-Ukrainian war. But they aren’t the only shocks in this place. The “big fish” in the area, surrounded by the Russian army, has revealed his true identity once more. It is believed

The identity of the Azov steel plant’s “big fish” was revealed, and it was linked to Canada. NATO explained quickly: retiring

This information was reportedly leaked to the American media. However, Kadieu did not go to the front in person, instead of commanding the Ukrainian army to combat Russia from Kyiv and other back towns. Furthermore, in order to verify the news’s veracity, the US media put pressure on Canadian officials. Surprisingly, under duress, Canadian officials replied. However, Cadieu has since announced his retirement. They’ve recently retired and are unaware of current developments. But it’s odd because Kadir was only 6 months away from becoming army commander when he died.

This is clearly complicated, so the reporter has been questioning Canadian officials about it. The explanation offered by the Canadian official is that it was discovered inside the Cadieu army that certain persons, including female officers, were acting inappropriately. As a result, several high-ranking military officers were implicated. In addition, he had been accused of misbehavior. As a result, he will be relieved of his responsibilities and will be examined subsequently. On the surface, the official justification for this appears acceptable, yet it is unsustainable. The reason for this is that they have no means of knowing if Cadieu is still in the country. Instead of going to Ukraine to fight Russia, he chose to stay in the United States.

By adding these official phrases, the partnership is likely to be terminated. After all, it is only by stating that he has recently resigned that he may be described as a “former army commander,” even if he has been detained. It has nothing to do with the Canadian government in this sense, and there is no way to prove NATO’s direct involvement in the conflict. But they’re attempting to convince themselves that everyone is stupid? You must be wondering how a “retired” general in Ukraine could lead the war against Russia if no formal instigation exists. Cadieu, based on his resume and age, is unquestionably qualified.