For several weeks ago, they have been circulating on social networks about a possible marital crisis between Camilo Y Eva Luna. And although the reasons for these rumors are not specific, it is said that they are due to some bad attitudes that the Colombian has and that his wife and father-in-law, the renowned singer, do not like at all Ricardo Montaner.

Since the last month of last year, various international sources have taken on the task of notifying that Camilo and Evaluna were going through a bad time.

Some claimed that it was due to the criticism that both have received for the way they raise their non-binary baby Indigo, while others assured that it was due to other factors.

And this is how it has finally been revealed that the Colombian singer would have some bad attitudes that his wife and father-in-law do not like very much, the well-known Venezuelan singer who has been quite close to his youngest daughter’s relationship.

According to several sources, the interpreter of ‘Vida de Rico’ has very poor hygiene when it comes to entering the kitchen, something that does not please in the least Eva Luna, and that has caused several fights between the artists over each of that problem.

The truth of the matter is that Camilo He has been willing to improve this poor hygiene, since he has every intention of continuing to improve his relationship with what he considers to be the “love of his life”, but also with his father-in-law and all the members of the family. Montane family.