From the first moment that Camilo and Eva Luna decided to formalize their relationship and reveal their love, they have not stopped being the center of international news. Apart from the success in their musical careers, celebrities have become a trend on several occasions due to the birth of their daughter, who is named, Indigo.

Thanks to the way in which the couple decides to raise their daughter, the somewhat eccentric tastes that have caught the attention of their followers and with a life as musicians with which they also manage to attract attention, it can be said that they are two the perfect couple.

At the moment Camilo He again attracts attention on social networks, but this time it was due to his last tattoo, since it is known that he is a fan of this tattoo and they can be seen on various parts of his body. Previously, Camilo decided to show pure and true love to Eva Luna getting a tattoo of his name on his ribs.

But his latest tattoo has been very controversial and criticized on social networks by his followers. No one yet knows the specific reason for this tattoo, the only thing is that the singer decided to share it with his fans.

In the image shared by the singer, we can see that his last tattoo was a “garlic“, which was done on his leg.

Among the criticisms made to Camilo we can some like:

What an empty man, alright.

Sometimes I wonder if he is real or just a character.

It will be so that it combines with the smell of the feet.

Soon it will be a cabbage.

What do you think of Camilo’s new masterpiece?