The popular Colombian singer has assured that his first baby was not really planned and that he had planned in his plans to be a father in the present.

Camilo just confessed in a recent interview for People that neither he nor Eva Luna They were looking to get pregnant and that the arrival of their first-born took them by surprise.

Now that his tour of Argentina, Colombia Y Mexico, The “Millones” interpreter shared that he dreams of being able to meet his son or daughter and explained that despite his wife dreaming of being a mother, Indigo arrived at the least expected moment for the young couple.

Watching Evaluna’s belly grow every day. We dreamed of having a baby in our lives, but we didn’t have it planned. It arrived unexpectedly and now we are preparing for its arrival ”, he assured.

Camilo claims to be living one of the best stages of his life with his beloved wife and is grateful for having been able to return to the stage and reconnect with his audience.

I am living one of the happiest moments of my life. After dreaming about it so much, I have finally been able to meet ‘the tribe’ [mis fans] and feel all the good vibes and love close by, “he said.