The singer Camilo gives statements for the first time about the controversy generated around the non-binary gender of his son Indigo.

The artist and his wife, the renowned singer Evaluna Montanerthey have been involved in a number of controversies for various reasons, first of all the criticisms that have been received for not calling their daughter after a woman, but opting for a neutral gender, allowing her to choose her preference when she has older.

And on the other hand, he also referred to the marital crisis that according to different media he was going through.

In order to disprove all the rumors, the husband of Eva Luna shared a strong message in his stories of Instagram.

The artist began by explaining that different media would have misunderstood the issue of his daughter’s gender: «We deeply respect the people who make this decision, but it is not our case. They took out of context some videos of interviews where we referred to Indigo in a neutral way because until the day he was born we knew his sex, because we never did an ultrasounds».

In addition, the singer took the opportunity to reflect on how people in the community might feel LGTBIQ+when they refer to them so critically, pointing them out for choosing one preference or another.

«Let’s invent more ways to love each other, to recognize each other, to respect each other and to embrace each other with our differences“Concluded the interpreter of”rich lifeleaving behind all the rumors about his family.