The singer Camilo He has put an end to his separation rumors with his wife Eva Luna, apparently because she considered him a very messy person, and it is something that does not like the mother of Indigo.

After several months of a marital crisis of the couple, due to some issues such as the sex of their daughter Indigomarital disagreements and also the lack of cleanliness and order, Camilo close those rumors with a strong message, revealing that these problems will no longer be repeated.

The singer of «rich life»In addition to mentioning details of his disorder, he was very happy because he is living a dream, and he feels lucky to have his fans who motivate him to be better.

The singer subtly, with just one image, put an end to those rumors that had been taking place. In the photos he talked about his house, and spaces like the kitchen, his bed, where he proudly showed them very tidy.

«Today looking at the super clean kitchen, I thought about how a thousand times easier it is to keep something clean instead of trying to fix something that is upside down and neglected.or”, in addition to that, and before he was tried, he made it known that he does not keep his kitchen in order, for ordering food in expensive restaurants.

«And you can’t imagine everything we’ve cooked these days… remembering the taste of our own pans and knives«, making it clear that they cook at home and with Eva Luna.

Finally, the singer thanked the fans who care about their relationship, but makes it clear that they are better than ever, living what they dream of with their little daughter Indigo.