The popular Colombian singer has released his new song by surprise, which mixes ranchera and pop genres but has not been very popular with critics.

In the middle of the Latin American tour that he is advancing, Camilo decided to release a new song. ‘Nightmare’ is the title of the song that, now, becomes the first single outside of his album ‘My hands’, the same one that he has been presenting on a tour of the same name that, in fact, he brought to Colombia a few days ago, in his first concert at the Movistar arena in Bogota last December 9 and 10.

Run by his wife Evaluna Montaner, Camilo premiered the track of just over three minutes at noon on Tuesday

“You would have seen how I cried for you, last night I felt that I was losing you. I saw when another guy kissed you, and you can’t imagine how much it hurt. I remember how the guy looked at you, and then like a fool he laughed. The jealousy they gave me killed me, and I didn’t even listen to what they were saying. Luckily it was all a nightmare, that you are still mine, and that I have you little to grab that little mouth, and to hit it with mine, ”the Colombian sings.

In the middle of the video clip, Camilo appears on stage with different puppets, including a doll that refers to Evaluna, since the word ‘Indigo’ is written on her stomach, a name that the first son or daughter of the woman will bear. artist couple.

“Give me a tequila, a coffee, or what do I know, so as not to fall asleep, I’ve already trained with Canelo, and if I fall asleep, I’m going to fight for what is mine (…) Today I’m going to have a party, the one that has been going on for so long. did not. Let my friends come with their cousins ​​and their aunts, to have some cold ones, ”Camilo sings.

But, not everything has been rosy at the premiere of his new song, since various critics have seen the song as “very distorted and out of context.”

Critics also point out that the theme can be seen as something unnecessary and inappropriate for the public, which has been quite faithful to Camilo’s musical style. Other criticisms of the song also point out a very misplaced interpretation with respect to the production of the song, cohesion failures and a rather loose bridge, they point out.

And to you, what did you think of Camilo’s new song?