The singer Camilo he would be planning his second child with his wife, Evaluna Montanerapparently it would also be a child with a neutral identity.

The married couple is happy with their daughter Indigoand it would be the singer who has been trying to have another child with the dancer for some time, when Eva Luna shared that she was satisfied with the work her husband has done in raising their first non-binary daughter.

The young spouses recently recorded a couple of stories in the instagram Camilo’s staff, while they were on a day off with some friends, and brothers from Eva Luna. The singer, while making the videos, began to praise his wife, stating that she had a very beautiful abdomen and did not understand how her daughter could be there.

While Camilo showed off his wife, he tickled him, and at one point he questioned him: «Evaluna Montaner, journalists ask how you do to have had a child about fifteen days ago and have that abdomen“, and his wife simply answered him with laughter.

Immediately afterwards, the interpreter of «Good morning«He hugged her and told her that he had made her a song, which had very loving lyrics but at the same time funny. «What I feel for you I think is deep love, and how beautiful our creature, Be careful! I’ll pack the second one for you“, he expressed about the chorus of the song, while Eva Luna He couldn’t stop laughing and hugged him lovingly.

Although they have not yet confirmed a date, the couple’s second child is very certain and may be planned for this 2023.