The Colombian model Elizabeth Loaiza caused controversy on social networks, after he recently made some posts on Instagram where he assures that the Latin pop singer Camilo Echeverryis “Satanic» and promotes satanism in his songs.

She also criticized the audiovisual material of the singer, where she confirms, references are made to the image of the “evil one“, and he took” evidence “to support his words, where he shows us one of the phrases that Camilo sings in the song”Expensive clothes» which launched in the year 2021.

«Balenciaga, Gucci, Prada» is the part of the song that the model assured that she adores the lord of darkness, and that is that if we translate this phrase from Latin to Spanish in the way it is pronounced, «Baal enci aga. guc ci prada” will translate the following “Baal is the king. the raven feeds on us“, a somewhat strange and disturbing translation.

To which the model comments, “Coincidence? I don’t think so. If you look at the lyrics, it’s too basic. Why did it hit so much? You know, nothing is accidental, everything has its purpose“He also mentions that in the video of the song you can see the face of”devil«.

It is no secret to anyone that several great and famous artists praise and refer to satan in several of their songs, in a hidden and subliminal, but most of them are labeled as simple conspiracies by eccentrics. Is Camilo a devil worshiper? Is his recent musical success due to this? The only thing we are sure of is that everyone is free and can express what they think.