Camilo Echeverry Y Evaluna Montaner they have become a loved and hated couple at the same time, as much as some admire the love that both show each other, there are also those who end up getting irritated by the endearing attitude towards each other, but despite this, the couple usually remains together and They show their happiness, or at least that is how they usually reflect it on their social networks.

In addition, this couple of musicians is a couple that has been very stable for a long time, since they have been in love for 5 years and will soon be married for 3 years, apart from that, Camilo Y Eva Luna They are already parents of a girl named Indigo.

Despite living what seems to be the happiest and sweetest marriage in the world, the couple seems to have hit reality and are about to live your first marital crisis.

According to sources close to Camilo Echeverria Y Evaluna Montaner, the couple would be having serious problems for his way of being and for his disorderthe latter being the main cause of the crisis, adding to that the accumulation of a large number of objects, and it is that in social networks they show that they are free and calm in the relationship, however, this would also be billing them.

So far, the famous couple of singers has not come out to give any kind of statement in the face of rumors that the relationship could be affected.