Camilo has recently established himself as one of the most popular singers in the Spanish language. His great successes have made him an internationally recognized singer that has won him numerous awards. His music has gone around the world and his songs are gaining more success and recognition worldwide every day.

In turn, he gained further media attention by starting a relationship with Evaluna Montaner, the daughter of famed Latin music legend Ricardo Montaner. That was how Evaluna and Camilo decided to get married and start a love relationship.

After a while, the couple released a song called «Macchu Picchu“, which became a hit in a matter of hours, proving that beyond their talents, the two share a deep love. Over time, Evaluna became pregnant with her first daughter named hers, Indigo. Her original ways of raising her baby and the fact that she was identified as non-binary is the reason why they have received intense criticism from the media and, according to relatives, created an intense crisis for the couple. .

The couple had preferred to keep their silence about the news of a possible separation, but in the face of all the rumors of the breakup they decided to give the answer in the most original way, they decided not to speak and only sing.

The famous couple decided to release a new video of the hit «machu Picchu«, but this time in an acoustic and very romantic version to clear all doubts and show that they are completely in love as they have been since day one.