The Colombian singer Camilo He was reunited with the public of his country in an emotional concert that caused him a lot of emotion, to the point that he cried in full presentation.

Through a video that has appeared on social networks, the artist is visibly happy for this presentation in Bogota

Despite his successful career that has led him to step on the biggest stages in various countries such as Mexico and the U.S, has even been nominated for the Awards Grammys where he has been the winner of important categories, the humility that characterizes him took hold of him during this important event in the place where he was born.

And it is that he himself has revealed in an Instagram publication how he felt during the sound check where he explains that he has not been able to hold back his tears

I had never, never been so nervous as before getting up to sing at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá. It was returning home, meeting the family that was always waiting with open arms, with eyes full of tears and with the contained desire to shout with emotion to celebrate the accumulation of blessings of recent times, “he wrote.