The Marriage of Singers and Songwriters Eva Luna Y Camilo would be in danger, since the couple would be facing great differences due to the gender of their baby Indigo, which they don’t want to assign her a specific one and wait until she is older and decides for herself what she feels more comfortable with.

The one arranged by the supposed non-binary gender of Indigo, Camilo and Evaluna’s baby, continues to give a lot to talk about in all users of the web and social networks. There are many people who have frequently discussed this and the disapproval that comes with not assigning the baby’s birth gender.

And such is this disagreement, that according to what is stated on social networks, the couple would be facing various discussions because of this topic. The families of Evaluna and Camilo are religious and as we know, religions do not agree with the gender diversity Y sexual in the world.

The couple would be divided about what to do, the opinions and criticism they have received for their way of raising the baby non-binary people continue to make a lot of noise in their lives. So this would be massively affecting their relationship.

Meanwhile in social media jokes have already been made about what might happen if the couple breaks up or doesn’t come to an agreement about how to raise their baby:

“We don’t want to imagine the crap song that Camilo will make when he separates from Evaluna”, “Eva Luna she was a normal girl. After she married Camilo, she waited for him. Poor dear.”

And you, what do you think of all this controversy?