In the social media the rumor has begun to spread that singers and songwriters Camilo Y Eva Luna They would be expecting their second child, after the Venezuelan interpreter published a video that alarmed all her followers because of something they saw and left them shocked.

Evaluna Montaner recently caused a stir on social networks, after sharing a video on his official account of instagram that alarmed his fans.

The audiovisual material published by the daughter of the renowned Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner He left more than one with their mouths open, since he was seen with a bulging tummy which he even touched with his hands while carrying his non-binary daughter Indigo.

Given this gesture, the followers of Camilo and Evaluna began to ensure that the Venezuelan would be pregnant, since these gestures would be a kind of signal that she would be sending to her followers about her second pregnancy.

Also, both Eva Luna What Camilo They have affirmed on several occasions that they want to have another return and in this way continue to extend their young family. But as for the rumors, so far the couple has not given information about it.

And you, what do you think about the possible second pregnancy of Evaluna Montaner?