The famous couple of musicians, Camilo Echeverry Y Evaluna Montaner They were married on February 8, 2020, thus consolidating their strong relationship, from which a baby named Indigo.

After dating for five years, the couple tied the knot on February 8, 2020, surrounded by their closest friends and family, and now they want to share a new bond.

In the documentary series «The Montaners“, which is transmitted by disneypluswe can appreciate that the singer Ricardo Montaner asked his wife, Marlene Rodriguez, to marry him again. Without forgetting that Evaluna’s parents show the great true love they feel for each other and they show it by renewing their vows frequently.

Ricardo Montaner said in the series:

I wanted to take the opportunity to propose to my wife again. Let’s see if she wants to marry me again. Just like that first time or even more beautiful.

I couldn’t buy you a ring, but I bought you a medal.

After this, Marlene revealed that she had plans to renew her vows, but that she wanted to do it in the India.

Marlene Rodriguez said:

We had agreed that Camilo and Evaluna wanted to renew their vows in India, so we can all get married.

For this reason, this could become a multiple renewal of vows by the Montaner family.