singers and songwriters Camilo Y Eva Luna They wanna keep their stance that their little baby Indigo, be for the moment one non binary baby The couple spoke about the issue and expressed that they do not want their daughter to feel uncomfortable with the gender that has come into the world, that of a girl.

The position of the Colombian singer and the daughter of the renowned Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner it is clear; they want Indigo not to feel pressure with the gender that has come into the world and they will let her decide when she is older.

But for now, the baby’s parents do not want to identify her with a specific gender, they want her to be gender neutral and that is why her name is a name that can be used for both men and women.

The reactions in networks have been very different, but the position of the couple is firm and there is no other decision. They want their baby to grow up happy and above all without any kind of pressure so that he can be a happier human being in his adulthood.

Various fans of the partner They do not share the decision and position they have, since being a baby, they consider that she should be considered as a girl, and if when she is older she wants not to be identified with her biological gender, she should fully decide.

Indigo He is currently almost nine months old, and although his face was partially known recently, Camilo Y Eva Luna They do not want to show it directly in social media, since they also prefer to let her grow up and let her decide if she wants to be exposed or not on the networks.

If there is something in which there can be no doubt, it is that Indigo She is a baby very loved by her parents and her family. The love and protection that they give her is unmatched, and that is why they prefer to let her grow up being herself and discovering herself little by little.