Colombian singer Camilo and his wife, the Venezuelan singer Evaluna Montaner, have spoken for the first time about the theories and rumors that claim that Indigo, her baby, barely nine months old, is identified with the non-binary gender. The parents, they assure, that the social networks misinterpreted everything.

Recently, Camilo has been forced to clarify the rumors about whether his Indigo baby is being raised under the gender nonbinary, since they themselves stated that they want that when she is older, she can have the opportunity to decide what she feels more comfortable with.

hand in hand Eva Luna, the interpreter of ‘Life of Rich’ has declared about this situation, alleging that social networks and the media misrepresented what they said at first.

“Several days ago we have been receiving a flurry of questions about an alleged news claiming that we had decided that our daughter would be recognized as non-binary…”

“They took out of context some videos of interviews where we referred to Indigo in a neutral way until the day he was born we knew his s3x0”

“We found the amount of hate and judgmental messages we received disturbing. And we started to think about how people in the community might feel LGBTQ+ facing a world that points at them, judging them, with fingers pointing and condemning”

In this way, Camilo and Evaluna reveal to us that they are simply raising Indigo as an ordinary baby, and that they will let her grow up healthy and, above all, happy.

And you, what do you think of the couple’s recent statements?