The Marriage of Singers and Songwriters Camilo Y Eva Luna, has been going through difficult times in recent weeks, since criticism for the way they raise their little baby has been numerous, which has even come to bother the father of the Venezuelan singer, the renowned singer Ricardo Montaner.

Since the couple claimed that they didn’t even know the gender she was going to have Indigo at birth, users of the social media they began to realize that the artists were trying not to label their baby.

His name is even a name that can be given to a boy and a girl, and both Camilo and Eva Luna, They ended up assuring that for them, Indigo is just a baby and when she grows up, they will let her choose what she wants to identify with and what she feels most comfortable with.

In short, the couple does not want their baby to be a boy or a girl, but rather a non-binary baby. However, the criticisms have been numerous, where thousands of users reach the same comment: she is a simple baby and should have her birth gender.

But there have been so many critics, that the couple at this time would have preferred to keep their point of view and way of thinking to themselves. Indigo’s grandfather also made his point of view clear by calling him a girl in a post on his official Instagram account. Instagram, The same that also caused various comments regarding the non-binary gender of the baby.

And you, do you agree with that? Indigo be a gender non-binary baby?