The world renowned singer-songwriter couple Camilo Y Eva Luna, they are receiving harsh criticism for the way they have decided to raise their little baby Indigo, since they have affirmed that they even gave her that name because they want her to be gender non-fluid until she makes the decision of how she wants to identify herself when she is older.

In recent days, after leaking a photo of the face of Indigo, the baby of which Camilo Echeverria Y Evaluna Montaner are parents, the issue of the gender of their little girl has been revived. Why?

Through previous interviews, the couple stated that their little girl would be called Indigo so as not to force her to have a gender that perhaps when she grew up, she would not want. In this way, Indigo is a neutral name, with which they want her baby to grow up healthily until she can make her own decisions about her gender and her sexual preference.

With that was added her position of not wanting to show her face until she decided for herself, but this did not work thanks to the recent leak of her face, which also confirmed the great resemblance that the beautiful baby has with her famous parents. .

Despite this, there are thousands of fans and Internet users who do not agree with the position that the couple has about the gender of the baby, since many consider that the sex with which she was born, the female sex, should be recognized. And if she later wants to identify with another gender, she would do it when she was of legal age, without them forging it when she is now just a baby.

Despite all the explanations that the Colombian singer and the daughter of the renowned Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner have given to the public, various fans continue to consider the way in which they are raising Indigo regarding her gender inappropriate.

And you, do you consider appropriate the way in which Camilo Y Eva Luna raise their little baby?