The marriage formed by the singers Camilo Y Eva Luna They have responded in a pleasant way to the separation rumors that have been circulating on all social networks in recent days. The couple has been forceful in their message, and they have left more than one with their mouths open.

Through a publication on his official account of Instagram, the venezuelan singer Evaluna Montaner has clarified the rumors of an alleged separation from her husband Camilo.

And it is that the couple saw how the rumor spread on social networks that they were going through a strong marital crisis as a result of various differences that both had.

But now, with her most recent appearance in networks, the daughter of the Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner has made it clear that she is still more in love with her husband than ever.

In the post he published in Instagram, Evaluna He left an extensive paragraph where he talked about everything he had experienced in the year 2022. Some of the most outstanding cuts and where he confirmed that everything is fine with Camilo were these:

“I became more and more crazy for my husband, I felt closer to my family and friends, I read 12 books from August to today more than I have read in my entire life. And I’m excited to end the year at home, close to the people I love. Hoping to start 2023 with new challenges, more trips, more rest, more concerts, more family, more recipes, more laughter, more GOD in my life, and more love from Him to share with everyone. Happy new year beautiful family. I promise that I am always present. I love you,” he concluded his emotional publication.

With this, the couple’s fans can already feel calm and confident that both will continue together for a long time. And let’s hope so, since your non-binary baby Indigo You will need your care, affection and attention.