Without a doubt, one of the most popular couples on social media is the singing couple. Evaluna Montaner Y Camilo Echeverry, who regularly appear in the headlines of Latin American entertainment media.

Through their social networks, the spouses often share images or videos with their daughter Indigo, However, the little girl’s face remains a mystery, because so far the couple has decided not to show it.

Despite this, a few days ago, a person captured the exact moment when the couple was with their baby at the airport, making the girl’s face public and although it cannot be seen perfectly, Internet users say Indigo she is too much like her mother.

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Any photo or video shared by the stars shows only a part of the little girl, such as her eyes, arms or legs, and in a video shared on her Instagram profile, the Venezuelan can be seen focusing on both her feet and those of their baby, showing off the Christmas outfits they were wearing and seconds later, you can see Eva Luna walking towards her husband, who hugs her and pats her.

The artists decided to give the clip a cute name:

6 socks for the first Christmas.

It can also be seen that the video has more than 4 million views, more than 300,000 likes, and more than a thousand comments.