Although in social networks we all believe that marriage between Camilo Y Eva Luna is almost perfect, this has not actually been the case. And now, it has recently been reported that the couple had a heated argument that became their first major marital crisis. Why did they argue?

What many of us thought was not going to happen has happened. And it is that now the rumor of the first great marital crisis between the singers and composers Camilo and Evaluna is spreading.

A source close to Montane family, revealed that there was a determining factor that caused a series of strong fights between the parents of Indigo.

The discussions were raised due to various differences between the Venezuelan singer and the Colombian singer. And it is that in life nothing is perfect, and it is said that the daughter of the renowned Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner she would have a vice for which she quarreled with her husband.

Marriage is by no means an easy thing, having a baby brings responsibilities and living together will always cause differences. And it seems that an old vice of Eva Luna, It could be the trigger that caused the first crisis between the two.

According to the source, Camilo He quarreled with Evaluna because neither of them is organized, but his wife’s addiction to accumulating purchases would have been the trigger that caused the discussion between the two that is currently fighting them.

And you, what do you think of the first marriage crisis between Camilo Y Eva Luna?