The marriage of Latino artists Camilo Y Eva Luna has been involved in a series of criticisms that the public has given him because of the way they are raising their baby Indigo, which they have not assigned a gender as such despite the fact that biologically he was born as a girl.

In recent weeks, the talk about the genre of Indigo, the non binary baby of Camilo and Evaluna, have overflowed in all the social networks that exist.

The reason for these comments comes mostly from the way the couple is raising the little baby, since they have explained that they refused to give the baby a gender so that she can choose it herself when she is older and can make decisions. .

The couple also confessed that the name of Indigo is a name unisex and that is why they placed it on her, so that she feels comfortable if in the future she does not want to identify with the gender she had at birth.

The truth of this is that it has been those comments that have not pleased the public very much. public, since they consider that Indigo is just a baby and should not be involved in those positions, so the best option would be for her to be recognized as a girl and in the future she decides if she wants to change her gender or not.

Meanwhile, the 9-month-old baby continues to grow surrounded by all the love that her parents, uncles and grandparents give her daily. The baby is extremely loved and protected, since her parents have also decided that her face will not be disclosed in social media until she has the ability to decide if she wants to be exposed in the media or not.

And you, do you agree that Indigo be considered “gender neutral”?