singers and songwriters Camilo and Eva Luna, They are really tired of being massively mocked on social media about their daughter’s upbringing and alleged non-binary gender Indigo, which made them give a strong response to all their detractors who have been making fun of their daughter for months.

After all the commotion that the supposed non-binary gender of baby Indigo, her two famous parents had to see how all the media talked about the controversial issue every day.

However, that was not compared to the ridicule and criticism they received from the public in the social networks, who massively judged the alleged decision that Camilo and Evaluna would have made.

But, after days of attacks and criticism, the couple decided to speak about it and stated that people are very cruel regarding the criticism they make against people in the community. LGBT community. On top of that, they also made sure that Indigo is not a non-binary baby.

“We deeply respect the people who make this decision, but it is not our case. They took out of context some videos of interviews where we referred to Indigo in a neutral way, because until the day he was born, we never knew his sex because we never did ultrasounds, “wrote the couple in some Instagram stories.

The couple continued with the statement, writing the following:

«We thought not to pronounce ourselves on it, and let it pass, as we have done the 50 times that they have said that our marriage is in crisis, that we are going to divorce, etc, etc … But we found the number of hate messages and messages disturbing. judgment we receive. And we began to think about how people in the community might feel, for example. LGBTQ+ in front of a world that points at them, judging them, with fingers pointing and condemning».

The interpreters of ‘Machu Picchu’ talking about how unpleasant they felt to see how thousands of people mercilessly criticized other people for being different and thinking alike, stating the following:

“Imagine how intense and complex it can be for a person going through such a recognition process, and finding themselves with a society full of stones in their hands waiting for the first sign to throw them. We believe and strive to create a world and a future where we invent more ways to love each other, recognize each other, respect each other and embrace each other with our differences. We send you a hug, a hug from the soul and from the center of our family nucleus. Camilo, Eva Luna and Indigo”, concludes the text of the couple.

And you, what do you think about the words of Camilo and Evaluna?