The reaction of Camilla Parker to the revelations of prince harry in his controversial bookSpare» has been surprising and confusing. In his book, Harry points to Camilla as an evil stepmother to him and her brother William, who begged her father, the King Carlos III, not to marry her. However, the most destructive attack was the last one on him that Harry made in an interview with ITV, when he revealed that Camilla had leaked privacy to the media behind her back. meghan.

In the interview, Harry mentioned that the words were directed at Camilla Parker, saying:

Although some people have slept with the devil to recover their image, but that claim has as a consequence the deterioration of others. I see a person who married this institution and has done everything to improve its image for her own good.

When Camilla heard this announcement, she was shocked and couldn’t understand why Harry was doing this to her. Fountains near the palace and the King Charles III They have confirmed that the king does not want to continue to put up with these negative comments about Camilla because she is his wife and he believes that Harry has crossed the line by mentioning her in his book.

It should be noted that Harry’s remarks caused a stir in the royal family and in the international media, as they put the public and private image of the family and the internal relations of members of the royal family on trial.

While the royal family, or Camilla Parker, have yet to officially respond to the allegations, the situation is likely to continue to stir controversy in the coming days.

Sources close to King Carlos III have assured that the king does not want to continue putting up with these negative comments about Camila, because they need to understand that she is his wife and he also believes that Harry exaggerated when mentioning her in his book.