In a couple of months the official Coronation of the King Charles III Y Camilla Parker in the United Kingdom and it is believed that this event will mark a new stage in British royalty.

The King Carlos II He has made great changes in royalty, without achieving an effective result in the face of the problems that his son, the The prince Harryand his brother, the The prince Andrew.

At first, when the Queen Isabel II passed away and Carlos took power, he was very afraid that the British would not accept Camilla as the new Queen, since it is known that she would be the main person responsible for the separation between Carlos and lady Gave.

It is known that the royal photographer Chris Jackson will put on sale a book where he will reveal the most intimate of King Carlos and his family, but will focus more on the Monarch’s couple, this because of the controversial Coronation.

The book will commemorate the beginning of the new Kings and also all tours, commitments, celebrations and everything related to the royal family. But it is certain that the book is focused mainly on Carlos Y Stretchersince the new Queen Consort would have requested it, this request was made seeking enhance his picture in the UK and Carlos decided not to stop her on her requests.

Although it is known that Camilla Parker Her image in England has improved significantly, it is known that there are also thousands of people who continue to hate her because they blame her for everything bad that happened to her. Princess Diana.