The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parkersupposedly given his “blessing” to the prince william and her lover, Rose Hanburyafter rumors of tension arose due to William’s infidelity.

According to sources close to royalty, Camilla Parker and Rose Hanbury, who used to be close friends, had had a conversation that was widely covered by the British press. However, things seem to have improved, since Camilla would have given her support to the relationship between the prince william and Hanbury.

It was reported that Camilla talked to William about his relationship with Rose and gave him her blessing. A close source said:

Camilla fully understands how difficult it can be to be in a public position like this, and wishes William and Rose all the best.

The relationship between William and Hanbury, a close friend of the royal family, was first reported in 2019, but has not been confirmed by the couple or the Royal House as of yet.

Rumors of tension between Camilla Parker and Hanbury arose after it was reported that the friendship between the two women had ended and that they had said nasty things to each other. However, it seems that they have overcome their differences and Camilla is now supportive of William and Hanbury’s relationship.

The relationship between the prince william and Rose Hanbury it’s been the subject of speculation for some time, and now, with Camilla’s apparent blessing, it’s expected to be confirmed sometime in the near future.