Camilla Parker, Queen consort of the United Kingdom and husband of King Carlos III, It is again generating controversy and divided opinions in the public eye, since it was revealed that he has hired the same designer as the deceased Princess Diana used for their dresses, something that many consider to be in very poor taste.

The official ceremony of the coronation of Carlos III as the new monarch of the United Kingdom is closer than ever, and with it all the preparations that have been carried out for this historic event, which had not been held for more than 70 years.

However, and in the midst of these preparations, a new controversy has been uncovered that links Camilla Parker and the deceased Lady Di in major news tabloids around the world world.

It turns out that, according to what was announced by the newspaper ‘Daily Mail’, the queen consort has engaged Bruce Oldfield to design the dress that she will wear during the coronation ceremony. The controversial thing about this is that Bruce was the main designer of Princess Diana of Welsh.

Users of social networks have interpreted this decision by Camilla as a clear mockery and provocation of the legacy of Diana. We all know what happened to her, and because Parker knows that she has always been labeled as “the outsider”, now she wants revenge on everyone who has attacked her.

And you, what do you think of the controversial decision he has made? Camilla Parker and that involves the legendary Princess Diana from Wales?