Camilla Parker, the Queen consort of United Kingdom, will imitate the look of the late Princess Lady Di to wear it at the coronation of her husband, the King Carlos III, who will be officially crowned the new monarch of the United Kingdom next May.

Since many years ago, the media The attention that the current King Carlos III, the Queen consort Camilla Parker, and the late Princess Diana have had, has been of stratospheric levels. The reasons? The circle of love that always existed between the current kings and that harmed the marriage that Charles III had with Lady Di

A large part of public opinion massively condemned the betrayal experienced by the iconic Princess, who had to see how her husband did not care at any time about the feelings she had. Not even because they both had two children, now princes harry Y William, nothing was an impediment for Carlos to prefer Camilla Parker over her.

It is widely said that Parker was always envious of the Princess Diana, but now, with the action that the new queen will do, this theory has increased more. Of course, supported by all the noise that is made on social networks.

The official stylist of the queen consort has assured that the change she decided to use now Stretcher, It will make her look much younger, fresh and self-confident. This change comes in part for the future coronation of King Carlos III, and according to comments, Camilla wants to imitate the iconic look of Lady Di.

This, of course, has not been well received by Diana’s fans, who claim that Camilla Parker will never be able to look as beautiful and iconic as her eternal self. “People’s Princess”