Camilla Parker, the new Queen consort of United Kingdom, has the desire to wear a very special and controversial crown for his official coronation next May. However the king charles II He does not agree with her, since he knows that the tiara is being claimed by three countries, because of the historical value it represents for them.

King Carlos III is in trouble thanks to his wife, since he Queen consort He has a whim that he is willing to make it come true at any cost.

Camilla Parker wants to wear an exclusive and highly controversial crown, something that the King he knows that it will bring more unnecessary criticism to the royal family, which at the moment is the least desired for him.

Parker is determined to wear a piece that was made exclusively for the queen mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in the year 1937, but that in recent years has generated a lot of controversy due to its origins and the story behind it.

The exclusive piece has been demanded by three countries that were previously colonies of the United Kingdom, so that it be returned to their lands because they assure that it has to do with part of their history.

The three countries that require it are Pakistan, India and South Africa. Racism, the exploitation of foreign lands, looting and slavery are symbols of the crown that Camilla wants to wear.

King Carlos III is quite right to take into account if Camilla Parker Wear that crown, it could bring harsh criticism to your family, which they don’t need anymore at this time. Enough they have with all the conflict behind the accusations of the prince harry and Meghan Markle.