the queen consort Camilla Parkerwho has been the wife of King Carlos III for more than a decade, wants to prevent Kate Middleton continue to be part of the royal family for this reason.

The British people have no doubt that Camilla Parker has not been the most loved by all, after she broke the relationship that had the Princess Diana with the next monarch, but despite her lack of receptivity, she will soon be the new queen with her husband, a fact that will clearly give her a new place to lead.

Thanks to his new role, he will be able to decide much more about the members that currently constitute the British monarchy, as is the case with the prince william and Kate Middleton, who have been going through a difficult few weeks after a possible infidelity between them was announced.

According to British reports, the next queen consort no longer wants Kate in the royal family due to the controversies she has generated towards royalty, and a few months after the coronation of her and her husband, the King Charles III. A fact that has clearly minimized the acceptance of the British people.

One of her statements was recently when she was attending a flower shop, and in front of cameras and various attendees, she declared that her husband, the duke of walesHe is not detailed with her, quite the contrary, on many occasions she is aware that she will not receive anything from the father of her children and she does not have high expectations.

Although they have been strong statements, the british crown he did not expect her to make her negative announcements shortly before the coronation. The fact has caused a multitude of the British people to reject and protest against the monarchy, in order to eliminate it definitively.