It has been known for many years that the relationship between Stretcher Parker and the The prince Harry it is not good at all, this due to everything that happened between the King Charles III Y lady GaveHowever, the relationship reached its worst point due to the revelations made by Harry in his book «Spare«.

The controversies within the royal family began with the documentary series of Harry and Meghan Marklebut at that time not much was said about it. Stretcher Parker. The difficult moments for the queen consort came with the publication of the book.

It was here where the prince harry I speak and reveal the deepest intimate secrets of Stretchersomething that was a trigger for the wife of the king charles IIas the Duke of Sussex smoothly revealed that he has never wanted her in the royal family.

Some sources close to the royal family have revealed part of Camilla’s plan against the Duke of Sussexbeing this as a type of response to the revelations he has made about members of royalty.

What is known of the plan is that Parker has in mind dress the same a lady Gave, being this a revenge against Harry. Many say that if the Queen Consort did that, it would be disrespectful, not only to the Duke of Sussex, but also to the Princess Diana and all his family, that is why they ask him to be careful with the actions, since they could play against him.