The Queen Consort, Camilla Parker, has banned an artist who was possibly going to perform during her husband’s coronation Charles III how the new King of the United Kingdom, unleashing a great controversy in social networks.

The UK public is talking in droves about the decision he would have recently made Stretcher Parker regarding a well-known artist who was possibly going to perform at the King’s official coronation.

Parker would have prohibited the participation of Elton John in the list of singers, because the musician was one of the closest friends of the deceased Princess Diana, who is also the mother of the children of King Carlos III and the main victim of the affair that the current kings had many years ago.

Canilla knows very well that Elton John has not yet forgotten what his iconic friend experienced, so she will not be willing to see anyone at the coronation of her husband, who in his time was close to Lady Di.

The official coronation of King Charles III how the new and legitimate King of the United Kingdom will take place on the sixth of May. And the celebration is expected to last three days, since it is a historical event that has not been celebrated for more than 70 years, when his mother, the late Queen Isabel II, was crowned as the Queen of the country.

And you, what do you think about the decision that Camilla Parker has made?