After the series of prince harry Y Meghan Markle, new media reports suggest that Stretcher initiate attacks to damage the marriage plans between the Dukes of Sussexall this because she does not believe that the actress is suitable to be part of the royal family.

The local and international media state that Stretcher Parker was strongly opposed to Meghan to become a member of the royal family, because he doesn’t think he has the qualities needed to become a core member.

For this reason, the wife of the King Charles III start a plot to prevent the youngest son of the Lady Di walked down the aisle with the actress, his plan was to manipulate a Harry for him to change his mind.

A source close to the royal family said:

Meghan is so affected that she is not fit to be a member of royalty. For Camilla Parker she is unfit for being a divorced person and a common citizen, furthermore, if Camilla had been queen at that time, she would never have allowed this union to continue.

But in the midst of all this speculation, the only thing that remains clear is that the prince harry is increasingly at odds with his father and brother, all while preparing to launch his book Spare, while the royal family has chosen to remain silent on the issue.