The queen consort Camilla Parker has made a decision that created a strong dispute between the King Charles III and his son the prince williamThe news of the queen created upset in the family shortly before the monarch’s coronation.

Officially, the most awaited coronation of royalty approaches every day after 70 years approximately when Queen Elizabeth II was the one who occupied the place, now, her eldest son, King Carlos III, will be the one who will occupy his position and will be responsible for making the new decisions in the monarchy.

The king, along with his wife, the queen consort Camilla Parker, will be crowned at a grand event attended by many relatives of the family, and the people with the most important positions in the United Kingdom. However, a decision that the queen has made was the cause of a dispute between father and son.

Recently, various media have replicated information about what the ceremony will be like, and among the details it is known that King Carlos III hopes to modernize the most emblematic traditions of the monarchy a bit, and for which the queen consort Camilla would have given him advice.

As a way of changing the traditional, his wife suggested organizing a free concert to be held in the spaces of the Buckingham Palaceso that the British people, around ten thousand inhabitants, can enjoy and spend a comfortable moment totally free.

But this generated a strong discussion, since Prince William affirms that if his father accepts the decision, this could seriously stain the image of the monarchy that the deceased built for so long Queen isabel II.

In addition to this, allowing people access to Buckingham Palace is an act that is not to the liking of royalty, and for which father and son are in dispute, until the king gives up organizing the event.