He Valentine’s Day, an iconic date for couples around the world, is fast approaching and most people have already planned how they will celebrate. However the King Charles III and Camilla Parkerthe King and Queen of England, will not have the opportunity to celebrate together this year, due to royal commitments on the part of the queen consort, Camilla will be out of London that day, which for many is considered cruel and insensitive.

The love story of King Charles III and Camilla Parker It is known by all, since it was born from Carlos’ infidelity towards his first wife, the Princess Dianaand despite the fact that Carlos met Camilla long before, he was always in love with her, but their relationship could not be finalized due to the refusal of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Despite the criticism and initial rejection of Camilla by the British people, today their relationship is one of the strongest of the royals and their acceptance is more evident every time they attend engagements that involve the people.

The work of the queen consort does not stop, and that is why for Valentine’s Day, the kings will be apart. The queen will travel to west midlands to visit the school Elmhurst Balletwhich will celebrate its centenary of creation, while Carlos will be in London.

However, celebrating Valentine’s Day will not be overlooked for King Charles and Camilla Parker, as on February 16 they will travel to Milton Keynesa city known for its National Bowl, to attend outdoor concerts. In addition, in April they will celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary, just a few weeks before the coronation of Charles III as King of the United Kingdom.

Although the royal couple of Carlos and Camilla will not be together on Valentine’s Day, their love remains strong and their relationship solid. The acceptance of the royal couple by the British people and the world is an increasingly evident fact.