Camilla Parker who will be the next queen in the coronation with her husband the King Charles IIIis saving a very special place for Prince William’s mistress, it has been reported, as she is trying to remove Kate Middleton from royalty.

The next May 6th Many of the news that are being viralized in different countries today will finally be confirmed at the coronation of King Carlos II and the Queen Consort, such as their new titles of members who are now part of the monarchy, and the relationship they have the different members among themselves.

And apparently looking to remove Kate from her post as a royal, the queen is welcoming Prince Harry’s mistress, Rose Hanburyand has saved a safe position for her.

According to British reports, the queen consort Camilla Parker is bored with the controversies she has generated Kate Middleton regarding the attitudes of the duke of wales towards her, and the alleged infidelity caused by the prince, causing the rejection of people who are very aware of the monarchy.

Being so as a way of revenge, Prince William’s lover would possibly be invited one day to the family, looking for the relationship of the Dukes of Wales to come to an end due to the problems they face.

Once again, this controversy has generated discord and has diminished the level of popularity of the british crownfor the hundreds of Protestants who on the outskirts of the palaces affirm that they do not want a false monarchy in the middle of the 21st century