He prince harry has caused quite a stir in British royalty with the publication of his autobiographical book “Spare”, in which he decided to criticize various members of the crown, including Camilla Parkerhis father’s wife, the King Charles III.

In the book, the prince harry describes her relationship with her stepmother as complex, going so far as to refer to her as the “villain”. According to the prince, Camilla is a person “dangerous” and that now, as queen, she is capable of manipulating the tabloid press to improve her public image.

Despite these criticisms, the prince harry has also publicly acknowledged that Camilla has been able to bring some peace to her father, the King Charles III. This statement suggests that the relationship between Prince Harry and Camilla has not been entirely negative, although it is known that there have certainly been tensions between them.

The publication of “Spare” has generated great discomfort in the British royalty, since the prince harry He has spoken reality about his personal experiences and his perception of certain members of the royal family. The disclosure of his views on Camilla in particular has been the subject of much discussion in the media and on social media.

Despite the criticism he has received for his book, the pprince harry he has maintained that his goal was to tell his own story and to be honest about his life and experiences. “Spare” has been a bestseller since its publication in January, suggesting that the public is interested in learning more about the life of this British royal and the secrets of the royal family.