The new queen consort of United Kingdom, Camilla Parker, has had a long argument with her husband and new King of the European country Charles III, who hopes that in a few months he will be officially crowned as the new monarch of his country, after the seventy-year reign of his mother, the Queen isabel II.

With three months to go before the official coronation of Charles III as the new British monarch, his wife Camilla Parker has taken up the controversial idea of ​​using a much-discussed crown for his also official coronation as Queen consort.

This situation has caused a discussion between both kings, since the monarch He does not agree at all with the crown that his wife wants to wear, to the point that at this moment they will find themselves very much fighting and not in the mood to go ahead with all the details for the historic event that has not been held for more than 70 years. .

The crown you want to wear Stretcher has aroused great controversy, since it is a piece that belonged to the “queen mother” and that, in addition, “three countries are fighting for it”, for social issues that are very sensitive.

Camila will wear a crown that was made especially for Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, in the year 1937. This crown is one of the most important in the jewelery collection of the British royal family, but it also hides a dark past marked by racism, slavery and the exploitation of foreign lands.

The main reason why Charles III he does not want Camilla Parker to use the crown he chose, it is because it is “claimed” by no more and no less than three countries; India, Pakistan Y South Africa.

These three nations consider that piece of the Royal family represents an important part of its history, which is why they have requested that the pearls that adorn it be returned to the places where they were stolen.