The Queen consort of the United Kingdom, Camilla Parker, is looking for a way to take advantage of the infidelity scandal of the prince william toward Kate Middleton and upset the Princess of Wales. Her plan would be to try to ensure that the supposed lover of her stepson has privileged treatment in the upcoming events that the british royalty.

Camilla’s reputation remains a subject of divided opinion. The image of her has always been overshadowed by having been the woman for whom the King Charles III left the deceased Princess Diana. However, the vast majority of the public always supported and still supports Lady Di.

As to Stretcher, reality is different. But despite that, she has sought alternatives so that her name has weight in the decisions that are made in the monarchy.

And now, with the rumors of separation between the current Princes of Wales, the queen consort would be planning to give privileged treatment to Rose Hanbury, the English noblewoman who has been romantically linked to the Prince William.

Camilla’s plan is for Hanbury to attend the official coronation of King Carlos III as the country’s new monarch, but she wants him to have a leading place in the ceremony, even at the same level as Kate.

Although what happens there we will be able to know on May 6, the social networks and other media are very aware of what may happen in this time that is missing.

However, they know very well that Camilla Parker she would be able to generate different presentations so that the public does not attack her.