Since the King Charles III He assumed the throne in September 2022 after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, he has had to face great family and protocol responsibilities, together with his wife, Camilla Parker. The consort has proven to be firm in her decisions and has made a shocking decision involving a close friend of the British royal family.

The musician sir elton johna close friend of both Queen Isabel like Lady Di, has been vetoed by Camilla from the coronation of King Charles for a surprising reason. The consort does not want to see Sir Elton due to his bond with Lady Diand as a form of punishment for the king’s children, he has decided to exclude him from the guest list, this because the artist’s presence could awaken painful memories for Camilla.

He King Charles III, despite all the details that he must finalize before his coronation on May 6, seems to be suffering interference from his wife in some of them. One of them is the absence of Sir Elton John, which Queen Elizabeth II would not forgive.

The drastic and unexpected decision of Camilla Parker it has generated controversy at court and has cast doubt on her role as consort. So far, the King Charles III he has not issued an opinion on the matter and is focused on his most important matters before his coronation.